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{h,2}warrant ( vt ) Anglo-French warentir garantir, from garant protector, guarantor

1 :to guarantee esp. by giving assurances that make one liable or responsible: as

a :to give a warranty (as of title) to

b :to protect or assure by warranty [the ⁓ed goods] [an assignor is not liable for defaults of the obligor and does not ⁓ his solvency Restatement (Second) of Contracts]

c :to state as a warranty

:guarantee to be as represented [the seller ⁓s that the car is without defects] [expressly ⁓ed "prior endorsements guaranteed" J. J. White and R. S. Summers]

2 a :to authorize by a warrant [a ⁓ed search]

b :to serve as or give adequate reason or authorization for [⁓ed the awarding of attorney's fees] [was not ⁓ed by the facts]

3 :to give proof of the authenticity or truth of [a formally ⁓ed statement]

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